The Yeezys Boost 380 “LMNTE” is yet another shoe in Kanye West’s signature shoe line that proudly displays an earth tone color palette. The Yeezys Boost 380 model was released by and Kanye in 2020 as the evolution of the popular Yeezys Boost 350 V2. Originally thought to be named the 350 V3, scrapped the original product name in favor of the 380 moniker. As for the design of the “LMNTE,” the look features dark and light brown highlights woven into breathable and comfortable sock-like Primeknit material. A splotch of mustard yellow appears on the monofilament side stripe found on either side of the shoe. Additional details include brown ribbing around the collar, brown shoe laces, and a grey semi-translucent midsole. Boost cushioning is embedded within the sole and provides the wearer with a soft, bouncy ride. This colorway released exclusively in Asia Pacific, Africa, India, and the Middle East. Release date: December 10, 2020.

December 10, 2020



US 10.5/UK 10/EUR 44.5, US 10/UK 9.5/EUR 44, US 11.5/UK 11/EUR 46, US 11/UK 10.5/EUR 45 1/3, US 12.5/UK 12/EUR 47 1/3, US 4.5/UK 4/EUR 36.5, US 4/UK 3.5/ EUR 36, US 5.5/UK 5/EUR 38, US 5/UK 4.5/EUR 37 1/3, US 6.5/UK 6/EUR 39 1/3, US 6/UK 5.5/EUR 38.5, US 7.5/UK 7/EUR 40.5, US 7/UK 6.5/EUR 40, US 8.5/UK 8/EUR 42, US 8/UK 7.5/EUR 41 1/3, US 9.5/UK 9/EUR 43 1/3, US 9/UK 8.5/EUR 42.5

Yeezys Boost 380 “Yecoraite”
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